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Central Baptist Church | Saint Paul

Our Story

For over 100 years, Central Baptist Church has stood in the Midway area of St. Paul. Central is our name and describes our location in the heart of the Twins Cities. We strive to be a Community of Faithful Presence, living our mission as God's people who are faithful to the Kingdom of God and present as His ambassadors on earth. We are a multi-generational community committed to worshipping God in all that we do through gathering in worship and fellowship, evangelism, and serving our neighbor. People from all walks of life are welcomed, loved, and discipled into a growing relationship with Jesus.

The Midway is a dynamic, culturally diverse, and strategically located area of the Twin Cities that is undergoing a time of significant development. In June 2014, the light rail between downtown St Paul and downtown Minneapolis opened with a stop just two blocks north our church, bringing with it a sense of progress for the Midway. Within a couple of years, a brand new soccer stadium and surrounding development will be taking place just across the street from Central. Additionally, Central is located within a few miles of many colleges and universities. As such, the area is marked by economic, educational, and cultural diversity. Central is excited to be located in this strategic area, and desires to see God use us for His Kingdom as we serve our neighborhood and beyond.