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New By-Laws


Posted by Kirby Stoll on

Pastor Joel Lawrence and Board Chairperson Kirby Stoll At a business meeting following our service on April 10th, the members of Central voted to adopt new by-laws. When this document comes into effect this summer, it will be the new set of rules and principles by which we organize our life as a ...

Arts and the Church


Posted by Mike Widen on

Phillip Yancey, author of the book Vanishing Grace calls upon three roles Christians can play. The role of the ‘pilgrim’, those who chose what some will call an authentic lifestyle. The role of the ‘activist’, those who seek justice in various social issues. And the role of ...

Ephesians: Who Are You?


Posted by Joel Lawrence on

Ephesians: Who Are You? Ephesians 1-2 April-May 2016 Purpose of Ephesians 1-2: The first two chapters of Ephesians are a glorious declaration by Paul on the work of God through Jesus Christ to establish a people for Himself, the Church, in order that the riches of God’s grace would be ...

Reflections on the Passion


Posted by Troy Wilson on

Most of us who are believers have some understanding of the Passion of the Christ and have different, yet specific aspects (of the Passion) that stand out and grab our attention the most. For some it could be the false accusations from the Jewish leadership that put the Christ on trial in the ...

Reflections on Palm Sunday


Posted by Steve Nuessle on

In the Sunday school class for young adults, we have been studying the book of John since September. In my usual glacial pace of Bible study, we have just gotten to the events that lead to and represent Palm Sunday in the past couple of weeks. When people think of Palm Sunday, I’m not sure ...

Property Update


Posted by Tim Horn on

In the past few years Central Baptist Church has seen a lot of changes and we are experiencing many new ways of doing things. We have hired a new senior pastor and, along with that, has come a new vision for who we are and where we want to go. We have created new staff positions for worship and ...