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New Wednesday Night Classes

This winter, our Wednesday night activities kickoff on Wednesday, January 10. Our schedule on Wednesday nights is as follows: 5:30pm Super Supper 5:30pm Youth programs 6pm Children's programs 6pm Financial Peace University 6pm Journey to Freedom 6:30pm Living Grace Ministries As you can see, we will have our normal super supper, youth and kids ministry, and Living Grace ministries that night. We are also adding two new adult classes that will be available to everyone. Here is more information on the two new classes: Financial Peace University, facilitated by Tony Gjorvad What if you could be debt-free with an emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses saved, all while investing in retirement a

2018: A Milestone Year

On March 28, 1893, a group of 34 people held a worship service in a chapel on Abelmarle Street, near the corner of Front Street, in north St Paul. This was the first service in the history of what was to become Central Baptist Church. At its founding, the church was named the Second Swedish Baptist Church, and by 1899 the church had outgrown the little chapel on Abelmarle Street and moved to a new building at the corner of Rice and Fuller, where the church worshipped for the next 14 years. Having outgrown that building, and sensing the need to move west, a new building was constructed at the corner of Shields and Roy (at the cost of $28,000!!!). This building was dedicated on December 7th, 1

Ask and We Will Receive - Lessons from Living Grace Ministries

It has been an incredible year of ministry here at Central. We have seen steady growth in our attendance on Sundays, large numbers of people involved in Sunday school and GPS groups, increases in our Wednesday night ministries, large numbers involved in our Tuesday and Thursday afternoon After School @ Central and Thrive! tutoring programs, and many other great ministries. There is certainly a new energy here at Central, and there is great anticipation as we head into the New Year. But with all the great things we have going at Central, nothing (from my perspective) has been more impressive than the start of our Living Grace Ministry. Through this ministry, we have been able to serve and lov

How Central Has Helped

Here in the Midway, Central Baptist is exposed to a wide range of diversity and people from all walks of life; a community illuminated with a social structure ranging from well to do families, to middle class workers, and hundreds who are in transition. This blessed community, however, is also home to several who find themselves dangling, figuratively, from the bottom of the social ladder in St. Paul. Most of the people from the Midway’s homeless community struggle desperately from unfortunate but common circumstances which includes mental health, addiction, poverty, and broken families. Prior to my arriving at Central two years ago, our faith community held a healthy and mutual relationshi

Ringing the Bells and Hailing the Coming of the King!

This year marks more than twenty-five years for our youth ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Standing in front of stores, outdoors in the cold, donning warm clothing & bright red aprons, singing carols & wishing patrons a “Merry Christmas!” and a “Happy Holidays!”, we not only try to be a model but a blessing to those who quickly scurry by us to warmer places. Whether it be “Rudolph” or “Angels We Have Heard On High!”, we often have store customers join us in singing, appreciating the good spirit of the youth. Today, I received an e-mail from the Salvation Army reporting to us that our six bell ringing groups took in over $1,000 in the two hours we rang bells. How exciting! What great

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