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Two Services

At the annual business meeting on May 20th, I let the congregation know that the staff and Board have approved a plan to move to two services in September of this year. I wanted to write to let you know the reason for this decision, and let you know about opportunities you have for feedback as we make this change. Over the past year, the attendance at Central has been growing, and we have seen more people connecting to God’s work in our midst. The steady growth in our Sunday morning services has brought us to the place that through the late fall into this spring, we have been running “functionally full” on Sunday mornings. “Functionally full” is the idea that a room isn’t full when every sin

Mission Moment From Pastor Troy's Work at the YMCA

On Monday, May 7th I had the warm privilege of meeting and helping one of Minneapolis’ finest citizen’s, Eddie Elex. I walked out of the Gaviidae building that morning for a short break around 10 am and exited from the Nicolette Mall entrance on the first floor. Taking in a brief moment of sunshine & fresh air, I was suddenly approached by a stocky built older gentleman wearing a jean jacket whose hair was the color of wisdom. Although he is an African American, the tone of his skin looked worn and weary, as though he was no stranger to many years of hardship & suffering. With a gentle voice of humility the man asked me if I could help him with some cash. I told him I only carry plastic.

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