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Tuesday Devotion (A reflection on Eunice Kronholm)

For my devotion today I wanted to write a reflection on Eunice Kronholm, a wonderful saint who went home to her eternal reward on Sunday. Eunice was a special woman, who added so much to the life of Central, and who lived out her faith in amazing ways. I only got to know her for the last 8-9 years of her life, but I could see how much Jesus meant to her and how that flowed from her to her family, to her friends, and to her church. Death is certainly sad, as we who are left on earth will miss those who have departed. I think of her family and her closest friends, most especially Joyce Johannessen, who was her best friend for over 50 years. Every Sunday they faithfully attended Central and wer

Update on 1913 Building Proposal Vote

The Board of Stewards has finished tallying the votes on the 1913 Building Proposal. For the past two weeks, members of Central Baptist Church have been voting on the following motion: Move that Central Baptist Church spend up to $1.5M for the redevelopment of the 1913 building into leasable commercial space, and to borrow a sum of not more than $1.5M to finance this project. The ballots were collected via mail, email, and in person ballots, with voting concluding at 1pm on Sunday. The final results of the vote are as follows: 70 members voted Yes on the proposal 17 members voted No on the proposal 6 votes were ineligible (duplicate ballot, no name on ballot to confirm, non-member vote

Friday Devotion

By now we all have walked through the grocery aisles and been struck by the overwhelming smell of cinnamon candles, or even gasped at such wild creations as Pumpkin Spice Tide pods. Pumpkin spice has apparently inundated our culture. Admit it, maybe you’ve even waited in a long line of cars to be the first to try the sweet, spicy lattes at Starbucks?! The reason? We love this time of changing seasons and by now, are all longing for reprieve from hot, humid, sticky days. Well...most people that is. Maybe I’ve often been the exception. Winter, spring, summer, and fall are certainly God’s seasons. However, I have always been a big fan of summer and spring and not as fond of fall and winter. Spr

Worship Without Walls (Tuesday Devotion)

Living the past 6 months on (soft) lock-down due to a serious pandemic has led many of us to ask, “when will this ever be over,” and “will thing’s ever be the same?” According to church gatherings most of us are looking forward to being together again for the sake of community, or because we miss our sanctuary, and because we desire to praise & worship together as one body again. Looking through the Bible to find an explanation for the days we are currently living in may be difficult, however, it is precisely in the Bible where we discover how we as Christians should respond. In the Book of Acts (16: 25-30), we find Paul & Silas incarcerated in Macedonia on account of the word of the Lord th

Friday Devotion

From Pastor Terri: Last night my husband Dave announced he was going out back to soak in our hot tub. It was around 9pm and a half an hour or so later, I became aware that he was still outside. I opened the sliding door to our deck and peered down to the lower deck where the tub is to see if he’d fallen asleep or something. It was completely dark outside. No moon, no lights on, and no light coming from the tub. In fact, as my eyes adjusted slightly and I moved closer, I could see the cover was shut on the tub. All of a sudden, a voice from the darkness spoke out, “Oh, hi!” I turned to make out his shadow sitting in a chair a few yards away. “I’m here. I’m just looking at the stars and watchi

Can You Believe It? (Tuesday Devotion)

Can you believe it!? Under the New Covenant, as described in the New Testament, you (and I) can have an audience with the King of kings and Ruler of the universe. We can approach the Sovereign with no hesitancy nor reluctance. As the writer of Hebrews was explaining how and why the New Covenant was needed, he referred to the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place of the Old Covenant. In the Old Testament, we learn that only priests could enter the Holy Place. And, only the high priest could enter into the presence of the King. In chapter 9, verse 8, the author summarizes, "...entrance to the Most Holy Place was not freely open..." Can you believe it!? Those God-followers, living under the Old Co

Information on 1913 Building Proposal and Instructions on Voting

An update on the 1913 Building Proposal and Instructions on how to vote for the proposal. This update will have links/recaps to the Business Meetings, links to all information about the Proposal, and Instructions on Voting. Recap of Saturday and Sunday Meetings: On Saturday, September 12, Central hosted a business meeting at 5pm in the Sanctuary. The full agenda of the Business Meeting was as follows: Welcome - Dee Anne Bonebright Opening Prayer - Alice Magnuson Financial Update - Dave Hansen Motion for 1913 Building Proposal - Dan Leggett Informational Panel - Dave Hansen (Treasurer); Jon Huffmaster (Chair of Property Development Committee); Steve Nuessle (Church Staff) Question and Answ

An Announcement from the Board of Stewards

An Announcement from the Board of Stewards: Catherine Westby will be taking a leave of absence from her role of Board Chair at Central. As you may know, Catherine works at Macalester College and has taken on a new role this fall as the COVID coordinator on campus. She has an exceptionally heavy workload right now due to the start of the school year and the issues related to the ongoing pandemic. As provided in the Church Bylaws, our Vice Chair, Alice Magnuson, will serve as Chair during the leave of absence. The Executive Committee has met with members of church staff to plan for Saturday's important meeting and other ongoing issues. We are grateful to Alice for stepping in and we expect

Friday Devotion

“Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship,” (Romans 12:1, NASB). This is a passage that is fairly familiar among followers of Jesus, but what does it really mean to offer up our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice and how does this relate to our worship? To help better understand this passage, it is important to remember that Paul is making a reference to the Old Testament sacrificial system, and thus a careful look at the Levitical law is necessary. The book of Leviticus describes five main types of sacrifices, but the one that is important to Romans 12 is the bu

Wednesday Devotion

This morning, as I was considering what to write for my devotion this week, Pastor Steve sent an email to the entire staff with this verse of encouragement: But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may also be revealed in our mortal body (2 Corinthians 4:7-11). It really struck

Financial Update

David Hansen, Treasurer of Central, has provided a financial report on the final numbers for the Fiscal Year that ended June 30, 2020, and an update on the first two months of Fiscal Year 20-21. Links to the financial reports for both Fiscal Year 20-21 and Year to Date 20-21. Fiscal Year 19-20 Final: Link Fiscal Year 20-21 YTD: Link Highlights from Financial Statements for fiscal year ended June 30, 2020: Central Baptist Church (CBC) ended the year with cash in the bank of $198,714. This comes primarily from two sources. At the start of the pandemic lock down the CBC Foundation issued a grant of $95,975. We were also granted a forgivable loan under the CARES Act Payroll Protection P

1913 Building Proposal Executive Summary / Q and A

PURPOSE OF THE VOTE: The Board of Stewards is asking the congregation to approve a loan of $1.5 million for the purpose of remodeling the 1913 Building. If approved, this loan will replace the current line of credit that was approved by the congregation last spring. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This proposal was submitted by the Property Development Committee (“PDC”) and has been approved by the Board of Stewards (“Board”). The PDC was established by the Board more than two years ago to address three main concerns: 1. Parking controlled by the church 2. Accessibility within the building 3. The future of the 1913 Building The current condition of the 1913 Building is not sustainable. The Fire Marshall,

Who May Stand in His Holy Place (Tuesday Devotion)

"WHO MAY STAND IN HIS HOLY PLACE" - Psalm 24:1-5 (New Living Translation) The Bible declares that the condition of relationship with God our creator is Moral Holiness, and this understanding is part of what places the Old and New Testaments as the most valuable piece of literature in the world. But learning the moral truth about God is not enough to make us acceptable to God. We realize that we are not capable of reaching God by ourselves and that is why God in Jesus Christ provides the way for us to receive by faith the work that Jesus did for us. The question in Psalm 24 is "Who may stand in His Holy Place?" And the answer is in verse 4 - "Only those whose hands and hearts are pure, who do

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