Central Baptist Church is in the process of searching for a new Senior Pastor

On Sunday, March 21, 7pm, Central will have a Congregational Meeting to affirm the search committee:

Board Nominees:

Alice Magnuson

Adam Rynkiewich

Jackie Tollers

Congregational Nominees:

Cathy Carlson - Chair

Jon Huffmaster

David Jahnke

Becky Seaberg

From the Central Baptist Church By-Laws:

Article X

The Senior Pastor (the Pastor)


Section 1.  Qualifications and Responsibilities

a.   The Pastor should be in general agreement with the theological position described in the bylaws of the Converge North Central  Conference with which the church is affiliated.

b.   The Pastor should have sufficient training to effectively carry out the responsibilities associated with a church with our traditions and history.  A seminary degree and ordination are preferred.  The Pastor should become a member of the church.

c.   The Pastor shall be able to carry out the responsibilities expected of a senior administrator (Article IX, Section 1).


Section 2.  Terms of Employment

Salary and benefits, vacation and study time, minimal expected Sundays in the pulpit, provision for an annual review, and other terms of employment are to be worked out with the Board. 


Section 3.  Calling a New Senior Pastor

a.   At the request of the Board, the Nominating Committee shall propose to the Board a Pastoral Search Committee of seven members comprised of one chair and six other members.  At least three of the seven shall be members of the Board at the time of appointment.  Choosing members of the Search Committee should be done with a  concern for the diverse interests in the church membership.  When the Board and the Nominating Committee have agreed upon a ballot, it should be presented to the church to be approved, or returned to the Board with instructions for changes.

b.   The Search Committee conducts a variety of sounding opportunities in the church, consults with the Converge North Central office, interviews candidates, and eventually identifies a single candidate they wish to present to the congregation. 

c.   After the candidate has met with various constituencies in the church and been heard in the pulpit, a business meeting is called.  A quorum of 75 members must be present to vote on a motion to call the one candidate under consideration.  The vote shall be by written ballot.  A majority of 3/4 of those present is required to pass the motion.

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