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No Deadline for Joining Choir

I was talking with a friend this morning about Choir. He was surprised that people could still join Choir now that we’ve had a few rehearsals and started singing. I am thankful for the conversation because it reminded me that what seems obvious to me is not obvious to everyone else.

One of the nice things about Choir is that there is always room for one more. There’s always room for you!! We are certainly blessed to have choir members who sing all year long. But it is also a blessing to have others join us at different times of the year as schedules and life circumstances allow.

So, if the month of September is as crazy around your house as it is around ours, no worries. The doors are wide open for November or December or January or February or March or… I think you get the drift.

This I can guarantee you. There is no deadline for joining Choir. The porch light is always on. The coffee is always brewing. The fireplace is crackling. And we’re eagerly waiting for your arrival…whenever your journey brings you our way!!

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