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Changes to Administration at Central Baptist Church

As you know, Sharyn Olson retired at the end of January after nearly 50 years of service to Central Baptist Church. With such a strong legacy of ministry and service, it is near impossible to replace all that she did for the church, all that she meant to the church, and all that she knows about the church. Sharyn is so good, in fact, that we have split her job into two different roles.

Grace Ohlendorf has been hired as the Administrative Assistant of Central. In her role, she will now be sitting at Sharyn’s old desk and will be responsible for the day to day functions including (but certainly not limited to) answering phones, replying to emails, sending and receiving mail, letting people into the building, managing the staff and building calendar, and other support to staff and volunteers at Central. She will also be responsible for various administrative duties for the church.

Steve Nuessle has had his job changed from Director of Communications and Missions to Director of Operations. He will continue in most of his previous functions, but will also be in charge of overseeing the building and financial operations at the church. In addition to changes in staffing, there will be some changes to the operations of the church.

First, there will be a change to the hours the church is open. Our office hours will be 9-4:30, Monday-Thursday. We have been spoiled by Sharyn’s willingness to work long hours each day of the week, but our staffing resources no longer allow this. During these hours, there will be someone available at the church. Outside of those hours, special arrangements will have to be made for access to the building.

Second, we will have a usual work and information flow. A primary responsibility of the church office will be to get information out to the congregation. Currently, we have several ways that we do this.

-Sunday worship folder. Included here are the “Big Three” announcements found on the front cover. These are the key announcements that are needed for the week. We also have additional information listed on the inside of the cover. However, due to limited space within the worship folder, we are somewhat limited in the amount of information that we can share each week.

-Weekly email. We send out a weekly church email every Wednesday morning. This email will provide all the information found in the worship folder, and will include additional information for those announcements, and other announcements not found in the worship folder.

In addition, there will be an occasional special email in addition to the weekly email. These emails will be for special considerations, such as weather updates, unusual church events, and memorial service information. To receive the email, please contactinfo@centralbaptistchurch.com

-Monthly Connection. The monthly Connection has been a staple of Central Baptist Church. We are planning on keeping the Connection going forward. The Connection will be available via mail, email, on the website, and at church. We are still reviewing what the Connection will look like in the future, but there will be a Connection each month.

-Facebook page. The church has a Facebook page. There are often links, news, and pictures shared on various days throughout the week. You are invited to like the page at www.facebook.com/CentralBaptistChurchSP/

-Twitter. We do have a Twitter page. It will send out links from the church website from time to follow. Follow at @CentralStPaul

We welcome any information that you want to share with the congregation, either information about ministries or schedules. To make sure that it appears in the worship folder or the weekly email, we need to receive it by 10am Wednesday. We cannot guarantee that we can add it if received after that time.

Third, we are going to be more systematic in the use of our rooms and church space. We will be keeping an internal calendar and room booking system. If you need a room for your ministry needs, it is important that you reserve that space with Grace or Steve. We will forms available in the church office and at the Information Desk. You are also welcome to send an email or call Grace or Steve. If a room is needed on a weekly or semi-weekly or monthly basis, it will not need to be reserved each time. But we will need the desired schedule at the beginning.

We hope that this provides some information about new staffing and ways to interact with the church. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Steve, Grace or Pastor Joel.

Contact information:

Office phone number: 651-646-2751

Grace Ohlendorf email: grace.ohlendorf@centralbaptistchurch.com

Steve Nuessle email: steve.nuessle@centralbaptistchurch.com

                 420 N Roy St, St Paul, MN 55104

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