An Update on Missions

This month, I want to give you an update on missions here at Central Baptist Church. We are very excited about what we are able to do in the Mission Committee to support the work of God’s Kingdom across the world. For fiscal year 2017-18 we are planning on a budget of $106,400, which is an increase from $100,000 for 2016-17. We believe this increase is appropriate based on the giving we received last year, and exciting new opportunities that we have as a church and as a Mission Committee.

The budget allows the church to support 18 Missionaries, 3 Local Ministries, 4 Institutional Ministries, Community Outreach, the Ministry House, Special Ministry Concerns, and a significant amount designated for Short Term Missions. Our list of Missionaries is as follows:

Asia David and Carol Jahnke

Brazil Don and Angie Finley

Ethiopia Berhane Wongel Theological


Germany Kyle and Matilda Tromanhauser

Kenya Eli and Krista Horn

Mexico Dan and MeLinda Nelson

Juan and Laura Salazar

Moldova Roman and Emily Citac

Philippines Paul and Marlys Healy

Poland Steve and Jenny Valentine

Senegal Bruce and Julie Adamson

Togo JJ and Melissa Alderman

Thailand Steve and Nopaluck Cable

United States Jacob and April McCormick

Phou and Pattama Littana

Scott and Bonnie Roe

Scott and Paula Starker

We are also excited by our increase in support for Short Term Missions. Currently, Central Baptist Church sponsors three short-term mission trips:

-A biennial trip to the Philippines in February/March in support of the Children’s Shelter of Cebu

-A biennial trip to Mexico with the youth led by Pastor Chuck in July/August in support of the Salazars

-A yearly trip to Grand Portage led by Steve Nuessle in June in support of the McCormicks

In addition to these trips, the Mission Committee enthusiastically supports short-term missionaries from within the church. This past year we supported trips to Cebu and Mexico that were not a part of the usual short-term team, and we were able to provide some funding for an individual that went to the Santisuk School in Thailand in support of the Cables. Our hope this year is to support several more trips to Santisuk, involving individuals from Central. We also encourage anyone that feels a call from God towards missions, to Santisuk or elsewhere, to speak to our committee and see how we might be able to support that calling.

The Mission Committee continues to support Bethel Seminary, Converge North Central, Baptist World Alliance, Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul, Transform Minnesota, and the Union Gospel Mission. We are also happy to provide some funding for Community Outreach Ministry led by Pastor Troy, and support of the Ministry House. Finally, new this year, we have re-introduced some funding for local college ministries. We are going to support the Anselm House Ministry and InterVarsity at the University of Minnesota, as well as college ministry at Macalester and Hamline. We are very excited for the possibilities that could arise from engagement from the local colleges.

We invite everyone from the congregation to check out our weekly “Missions Spotlight” in the inside of the cover of our worship folder. We also occasionally host our missionaries for home visits, which generally includes a combined Sunday School presentation, as well as a “Missions Moment” during the worship service. This summer, we are planning on a visit from the Citacs on June 25, a visit from the Starkers on July 30, as well as report backs from the Grand Portage and Mexico teams in July and August. We will also have our annual Missions Conference at Central on Sunday, November 12 during the morning hours. Stay tuned for more information about that day.

There is one final word I want to leave you with. None of the work of the Mission Committee would be possible without the generosity of those that have faithfully support missions. Thank you to everyone for the gifts that you have given, it is truly work that will have an impact on the Kingdom for eternity. I also want to remind everyone that the budget for missions is separate from our general budget, and requires designated giving. To support missions, make sure you designate the amount both on your offering envelopes, and if you give online at:


Steve Nuessle, Director of Operations & Missions