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Summer Assignment

Throughout this spring, I have been placing a strong emphasis on the theme of “Ask,” calling us as a church into a more deliberate and intentional season of boldly asking God to do His will in and through Central as we offer ourselves to Him as His servants. Now, as the calendar turns from spring into summer, I want to encourage you to continue to come before God to ask boldly. It’s one thing to have a stretch of time in which we are asking God, it’s another to make this a fundamental part of our DNA as a church. So, rather than simply have “Ask” be a special emphasis for a period, I pray that it would be at the heart of all we do as a church.

So, here is your summer assignment: Ask! To encourage you in this assignment, I have made a schedule for us to follow as we come before the Lord each day to boldly ask Him to do His will among us. My desire is that we as a church body would be asking throughout this time in which we tend to be together a bit less often: Wednesday night Super Suppers take a hiatus, the choir season is over, and GPS groups take a summer break. But our asking must not.

Here is your summer “Ask” schedule:

Sunday: Ask for God’s Spirit to move in our gathering as a church, that we would be captured by a vision of God’s glory and beauty that compels us to seek Him with all our heart.

Monday: Ask that God would use you to be a witness for His love and grace at work or in your neighborhood as you go into a new week.

Tuesday: Ask for God to be sending souls to Central who need to know the love and grace of God, and that we would be faithful in proclaiming the truth of Christ.

Wednesday: Ask for God to be at work among the kids of our church, that a true faith would take root in their souls that would sustain them throughout their life.

Thursday: Ask that God would supply all our financial needs as a church.

Friday: Ask that God would be giving us a BIG vision for His Kingdom work at Central.

Saturday: Ask that God would protect our unity as a church as we follow Him, listening and responding to the work of His Spirit.

I encourage you to make a way to carry this schedule with you: Write it into your journal, add it to your daily calendar on your phone or computer, hang it on the mirror in your bathroom. Whatever you do, be sure to keep it in front of you, and continue to come before God to ask. He calls us to do this. He delights when we do this. He responds when we do this. We have seen this already over the past few months, as we have seen more and more new people coming to Central, as we have seen people giving their lives to Christ, and as we have seen an increase in God’s provision of our finances. Let’s not let the summertime put a stop to asking God. Let’s continue to ask God to do His will in and through us, and believe that He will respond to our bold and faithful asking according to His will and for His purposes. Amen.

Pastor Joel Lawrence

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