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The Gospel

Thereʼs something so paradoxical

about the gospel, incomprehensible

Yet, so simple

Iʼm going to tell you a story

One... youʼve probably heard before

taught by your parents

or your grandma

or some fella

evangelizing off the side of the street

This story has fed

the very depths of my being

and my prayer, is that we become captivated

once again

recognize the weight

the importance

simplicity of it all

That God, who is greater

more vast and infinite

than any one of us can comprehend

was incandescently complete

in no need of anything

to improve upon His majesty

Reached out,

to craft

the human person

in His likeness.

But, instead of basking in His goodness

reveling in the glory

exuded by our Maker

we chose…. death

poisoned our own hearts

with lustful desires

tried on our own sinful attire

intertwining it into the fabric

of our DNA….

In need of a gene-editor

a Savior

A Reconciler

In came, the Father

Commissioned His only Son

to come down

restore brokenness

break down, oppressive structures

provided the opportunity

for us to be reintroduced

to our Inventor

Jesus, paid the price

for our souls filled with vice

cleaned out the gutters

of our lives

washed away the lies

and deceit

softened our hearts

opening us up.. to receive


intertwining, humanity

with the Divine

once again

For when we surrender

nothing can hinder

Godʼs work


within our beings

for salvation

Isnʼt just 1 event

Itʼs THE event

changing the trajectory

of oneʼs destiny

sin washed away immediately

changing habits

that damage our soul

however, that takes time

practically a lifetime

itʼs excruciating, painful

as we are strengthened


Worth it

as we allow

the image of Christ

to be ingrained upon our spirit

It doesnʼt make sense to me

How could it be?

released from the trap

I ensnared myself in

freely given

a sacrifice

of pure love

blessed assurance

experiencing fullness

manifested, through the Spirit

as we humbly participate

Surrendering in the background

Christ reigning in the foreground

no longer, wandering

donʼt mistake it to be

an easy path to a desired location

it takes dedication


following Jesus

Isnʼt just for Sundayʼs

Itʼs everyday

moment to moment

real time

Let us be reminded

Myself included

Saying “YES” to Christ

Is a lifelong process

Of transformation

prayers and supplication

And lamentation

putting the time in

engagement in the invitation

Christ has laid out for us

Sticking with it,

Even after the honeymoon phase


itʼs a daily decision

As we die to our flesh

as desires pull us from every direction

to choose faith.. in the Son of God

rather than our own intentions

put down the distractions


what Jesus has done for us

take off the trappings of religion

heated theological discussion

Let us come back to the simplicity

for a moment

Let ourselves be re-captivated

by the incredible sacrifice of the lamb

who gave His own life

so that we might thrive

By Alexis Jorgenson


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