A Message From Pastor Joel in Response to Events of Charlottesville and the Past Week

Over the past week, we have seen the ugliness of racism and white supremacy on our TV screens, and have seen the violence that accompanies the sin of racism. As Senior Pastor of Central, I want to express in no uncertain terms that racism and white supremacist ideologies are sin, plain and simple. The country that we live in has been marked by this sin, and it continues to cause anger and injustice in our world. So how should the church respond? I want to invite you to come to church on Sunday morning as we continue our FAQ’s sermon series with the question, “How Should the Church Respond to Issues of Racism?” Pastor Troy and I will be co-preaching the message, reflecting on what the cross of Christ teaches us regarding the human heart and how racial sin infects human hearts, and has all too often infected the church. I invite you to come prayerfully as we seek to proclaim Christ and His love and grace to the world, and seek ourselves to live together in His peace and unity as a church gathered at the foot of the cross.

Pastor Joel Lawrence

Central Baptist Church