Church Work Day 2018 List of Projects

Clean/Organize lower storage room (gray room)

  1. Organize men’s clothing closet

  2. Clean/organize utility room (lower 1962)

  3. Office needs – Put up Pastor Terri blinds in her office and install Pastor Dan shelves in his office

  4. Outdoor/Garden preparation (TBD)

  5. Sanitize nursery toys

  6. Main entrance mats/floors cleaning

  7. Upper 1962 building clean and re-organization

  8. Window washing in main area

  9. Vacuuming lower gym/stairwells/Senior High Room/Junior High Room

  10. Mop Stairwells/hallways in 1948/1962 buildings

  11. Repair door lock on upstairs Girl’s Bathroom

  12. Back storage room off of kitchen

  13. Sanctuary vacuum cleaning

  14. Upper and lower gym clean and mop

  15. Junior and Senior High Room – vacuum, wipe boards, clean

  16. Vans detail/fuel (TBD)

  17. Block cleanup (TBD)