A Message from the Hawley Youth Group Staying at Central

Thank you again for making it work there in your facility for us to stay there. It works just perfect!! We so appreciate you letting us be there.

Our work at the Fair is directly with the Coliseum Staff supporting anything they need accomplished throughout the Coliseum and animal barns. In that process we share Jesus in and through us as we serve both staff and fairgoers. Each day starts out with prayer at the church, bus ride to the Fair (on some days the trip is 50 minutes), then breakfast at the Fair. After breakfast 6 teams sweep all of the entrances to all of the animal barns. Then, as the day progresses, we assist with both people and animal gates to the shows, help set up judging arenas, clean up after events and clean tie-out stalls for beef cattle that are tied outside during the nights. In all of this we share the truth and love of Jesus to each of the staff and to any fairgoer who asks the reason we are doing this work. In the evenings we gather in “the pit” by the fireplace at Central Baptist and one teen is chosen each night to lead in devotions, where they share Scripture, ask the group various questions and invite us to pray for others. This year one of the members of the youth group brought her guitar and led us in worship. A total of 18 teens and 6 adults made up the group. We were all challenged and “spurred on” by the Scripture and we were all energized by the people we served while doing our tasks. Our goal is to develop leadership in all of us by serving others because of what Jesus has done in us.

Thank you again for your hospitality and friendship,

Pastor Steve Chamberlain

Hawley Alliance Church