Calling on the Lord

“Have mercy on me, Lord, for I call to you all day long”

Psalm 86:3

Over the past months there has been a stirring in my spirit, a stirring calling me to trust in the Lord in new ways, to recognize and confess my weakness and need for God, and so to call out to the Lord. As I have reflected on this stirring, it has become clear to me that the Lord is calling me to a new level of faith in Him and a deeper surrender to Him. In conversations with others among our church community, I have heard similar stories of a soul stirring.

As I have reflected on this stirring, God has placed on my heart the desire to have a special service in which we dedicate our Sunday gathering to prayer and calling to the Lord. In response to this, on Sunday, November 3rd, the Central community will gather for a special combined morning worship service in which we will dedicate our gathering to worship and pray as we seek after Lord together as a community. Because it is our desire to have the whole community together for this service, we will have only one worship service on November 3rd, at 10:30am. The 9am Sunday school classes for kids, youth, and adults will be held as normal. The Philathia class, which meets at 10:30am, will meet at 9am that day so they can be in the combined service.

In this time, we will come before the Lord to seek His grace and guidance for our church community. We are facing a variety of challenges that call us to pray and to trust the Lord: In our ministry life, we are in need of God’s wisdom to show us the path to increase our fruitfulness and to work in us for His deliverance, as only He can. In our finances, we are in need of God’s provision to support the ministry, and of rethinking our approach to financing the life of the church. In our life in the Spirit, we need to rededicate ourselves to prayer and to trusting in God to do more than we can ask of imagine.

In this stirring, God has convicted me that I have been too reliant on myself in pastoring Central. What I need, and what I believe we need as a congregation, is for God to show us His glory. I ask that you join me in praying for this service on November 3rd, that God would use this service to do His work among us. And I want to encourage as many as possible to gather together on that day for this special service as the Body of Christ.