Friday Devotion

Yesterday I found myself once again buried in busy projects. For those of you whom know me well, know this may teeter as a fault of mine. Projects I like to pretend I’ve been wanting to get done around the house for years. The more likely reality is they are projects that I’ve dove into out fear of stillness, boredom and rest. I’ll create things to do on a whim, just to be “doing”. I’ve always been a little this way, but the temporary isolation has spun that characteristic of mine into hyperdrive!

This particular day I happened to be painting my sons room. The plan was simple...paint a wall or two and get out. It didn’t go as planned from the beginning. Fishing rods left in his room tripped up my feet, Bmx bike parts were like razors under my toes, two dogs that follow me everywhere waited patiently for my attention at his bedside, a queen bed surely in the way was moved to the center of the room-leaving only but a tiny walking path for me to skirt around, a 65 gallon fish tank became the Berlin Wall; impossible to move or paint behind, and lastly: piled up-smelly teenage boy laundry littered the room and my nose. Anyway, I digress. I managed despite so many obstacles to paint his room. I was near completion and was just about to begin washing my brushes, when I picked up the paint can and it slipped from my hands, pouring, splattering and jetting nearly half a gallon of dark gray paint all over his dresser, his new rug, the freshly painted white trim and all over the pale carpet. I nearly lost it. As I’m scrubbing frantically, it became clear rather quickly I was making it worse. What was once a dime sized mess, became a quarter size spill and the spill that was once the size of my palm became the size of my head. I was making matters worse by my frantic need to fix and clean up my own messes before someone might come in and see what I had done.

This morning a parallel occurred to me. Some might argue that’s Gods gentle voice. Perhaps, there are times I need to step back and let God take control of my tasks, my business, my entirely too busy agendas and certainly my messes. I can’t be controlled by the fear of judgment, the strive towards perfection, or the aching need to keep moving. Instead, I need a fresh wind of His presence in these moments in order to allow enough stillness to hear what the Lord wants to move in me.

We welcome these changes and these moves in us today Lord!

The Lord says, “ I will make you wise and show you where to go. I will guide you and watch over you”...(and pick up your spilled paint. Ok, so He didn’t say that, but I bet he’s working on it.) Psalm 32:8 Below is a link to a song I often listen to on my drive into the church each day. Hope you enjoy your weekend and like me, tune into what The Lord may be wanting to move in you.

In Him, Alicia Your DIY girl and MIA Office Administrator