Monday Devotion

In the Gospel of Luke 15:3-7, we find the parable of the one lost sheep that was found and the owner rejoiced over that one. Jesus masterfully wraps up the parable by introducing the reality of “heaven rejoices” over the one person who repents more than the 99 righteous persons who need repentance. At face value, like many, I’ve often made the mistake of putting too much emphasis on the one sinner who repents rather than the ninety-nine who need repentance. Admittedly, I do this because of my own self-righteousness. Taking a closer look at what this passage should mean for me, actually, has nothing to do with the one sinner but far more to do with the ninety-nine righteous. I always glanced over the fact that the reference to righteous persons meant those who are already believers. Recently going over this passage in my Bible study it occurred to me that I often took repentance for granted being that the Messiah had delivered me from a life of addiction and crime. I used to believe that His mercy in these areas in my life were enough, or that I only needed Spiritual development from here on out. WRONG! Crime and addiction was simply the beginning of my life of continual repentance. After many years of walking with the Messiah, I lost sight of the reality of how this passage is directly speaking to me regarding the righteous that needs repentance, which has absolutely nothing to do with the one sinner who repented. Let’s remember together that as long as we have breath in our bodies that God is still doing an amazing work in our lives. We all can fall under the spell of our own self-righteousness do to complacency, foolish pride, and the love of judging others rather than looking at ourselves. If any of us believe we are without the need of true repentance, then the false perception we’ve created of our own identity will one day find us out. In spite of how long we have walked with the Messiah, God is still doing an amazing work in our lives; as He did yesterday, as He will today, and as He will tomorrow (God is faithful man is not), if only we can overcome the reality of self-righteousness in exchange humility through repentance. Peace Be With You.