Special Update: Break in at Central

Greetings Central Family,

This morning Staff Member Cecil Bonebright arrived at church around 7:45am and discovered our church had been broken into. The north alley glass door had been kicked in. Additional damage was done to an interior door window in a nursery classroom, and a number of interior locked doors were also kicked in. Fortunately the two glass doors were the extent of the serious damage. The television from the Prayer Room had been removed from the wall and was found sitting in the hallway next to the exterior kitchen door. It appears that nothing was actually taken from the church. There will be some repairs and clean up in the days ahead.

Pastor Chuck Sorlie was able to view our interior camera footage, and we have video of the man who broke in from both the Office camera, as well as the Sound Booth camera. Based on that information, we estimate the break in occurred around 5:30am today. Camera footage confirms his presence in the building for at least 90 minutes; we don’t know if he left empty handed on his own, or if Cecil’s arrival may have scared him off the premises. The Saint Paul Police were contacted, they conducted a thorough search of the building, and we have filed a report. The video evidence will be forwarded to the SPPD.

I want to thank the many Staff and Board members who immediately responded to and assisted with this troubling situation this morning. Thanks to our accompanist Jeanne Rylander and our fabulous Worship Team volunteers for carrying on and preparing for worship in the midst of all this being sorted out. And I would like to offer our deepest thanks and gratitude to member Dan Evans who, having been contacted by Board Member Tim Horn, jumped in his car and came immediately over to secure our church and the damaged doorway. Please be in prayer for our Central, for God’s protection and provision.

Please be in prayer for the man who broke in today; we don’t know his story or his heart, but the Lord does.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” - Proverbs 3:5-6

Yours in Christ,

Catherine Westby

Images of the damage: