Friday Devotion

Pastor Steve Schoepf joins our team and shares his first devotional with you all... (or as he would like to say “y’all”) Prayer. Why do I seem to continually require God’s reminders to give a priority to, to engage in, to be a person of…prayer. Hi. I’m Steve Schoepf (pronounced Shef). I’ve just joined the Central family as the IIP—Intentional Interim Pastor. I’m glad and excited to be at Central. There’s some apprehension, too. But… During the past several weeks (months, really, since quarantining), I’ve been led by God to increase in prayer. Also, my conversations with our Board and our Staff have reinforced that prompting. Central has such a storied history and such potential for continued and future fruitfulness and effectiveness. Through prayer, God will work in us and through us. That makes me glad and excited. I believe that God is telling me (us) that I (we) should Pray, with a capital “P.” I’ve been journaling through Colossians this summer, where Paul writes, “We always pray for you” (1:3) and “we have not stopped praying for you” (1:9). Paul gives witness that their mutual friend, Epaphras, “prays earnestly” and “prays hard” for those Jesus-followers in Colosse (4:12, 13). When Paul writes “Pray for us, too” (4:3), we realize there’s a mutual ministry of prayer between the author and his readers. It isn’t one-way; it’s two-way. It’s one-another-ing in prayer. And, Paul instructs directly, “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart” (4:2). Ya can’t dodge the meaning of that! From my observations about Central, I can see that y’all already believe in and practice the ministries and disciplines of prayer. The year of 2020 just prods us in crazy ways to increase in it. Prayer. Let’s do it. Lookin’ up,

Steve S