Friday Devotion

Up at 5am today, as I typically am. I Dropped my husband off at work and headed home with some very old hymn lyrics stuck on replay in my mind. Perhaps today, the fact I simply can’t hit high notes before coffee and those words I sing while driving and today’s devotional will strike you less as lyrics and typed words, but more about His promises and divine love for us.

Your vocally hindered office gal, Alicia


Come to me little sparrow, Away from the pelting rain; Tell me of your sorrows and I'll tell you of my pain.

Come perch upon my window sill, And rest your weary wing; And give to me the meaning of the beautiful song you sing.

Teach me how to be happy behind these concrete walls; Now give to me the reason for your early morning calls.

How I'd like to soar the heavens

And fly about so free!

But I am here in prison,

So you take wing for me.

'Tis God who taught you how to sing,

And gave you wings to fly;

Tis God who sent His precious Son

For sinners such as I.

So off you go, little sparrow, out into the pelting rain.

Take with you all my sorrows and give wing to all my pain.

Fly away, little sparrow,

But soon come back to me;

For as I watch you soar the heavens,

I find, I too, am free.

God allowed me to weep with a sparrow so that I might learn to soar with the eagles.

-Richard Ryan

Similar thoughts were expressed in a conversation that Mrs. Civilla Martin had in 1904 while visiting a sick friend. Because this friend was bedridden, she lamented to Mrs. Martin that sometimes she became discouraged. But when she remembered that her Heavenly Father watched over each and every little sparrow, He would certainly watch over her.

Mrs. Martin was a poet and knew that this was a perfect subject for her writing. She began to jot down ideas. With great inspiration, the entirety of "His Eye is on the Sparrow," was completed by the end of the day. The chorus begins this way:

"I sing because I'm happy. I sing because I'm free.

His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me."

The entire poem was sent to a well-known composer of that day, Charles Gabriel. His lovely music has carried it all around the world in small churches and great crusades.

God cares about the little sparrows and sees when they fall. This is where trust becomes so evident to me. We're promised in His word that we are more important to God than even a little sparrow. If He knows what's going on in a sparrow's life, he sure knows what's going on in ours. He knows the number of hairs on our head. He's always thinking of us and looking after us.

It is interesting that our Lord chose the most common of all birds, sparrows of little human value...In God’s eyes, no one is insignificant! He is deeply concerned with even the smallest, most insignificant details of our lives. Knowing God’s main concern is for our lives to be victorious, why should we be afraid?

When we sing this heartfelt hymn, we can rejoice in the affirmation:

“His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me."


Our loving Creator, we stand in awe of the work of your fingers. From the tiniest to the largest, you have created all things. Human beings and the little, insignificant sparrow are part of your miraculous work. Thank you for speaking to those of us in hard times, to the sick in bed, and to all who yearn for more of you in their lives. We know you are watching over us, loving us and guiding each step we take. May we be completely surrendered, as are the birds of the air.

In Jesus name, Amen.