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Tuesday Devotion (How Do I Worship Online?)

Worshiping Through Technology or How do I Worship Online?

Psalm 95 1 Oh come, let us sing to the LORD!

Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.

2 Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.

As we enter month six of Worshiping online it's time to reflect on what this means. The text above challenges us in a time of isolation to still be an active Worshiper. “Come let us sing to the Lord!” Notice the explanation point! In the past we have talked about how our Worship is joining in with the Heavenly Hosts, this has not changed just because we are at home, possibly alone. During our live stream worship, we are still joining with that same heavenly choir singing praises to our Heavenly Father.

Worship is something we do, it is active, we participate. Watching movies or a Television show is passive, we do not do anything, we just sit and watch. “Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation” You cannot shout joyfully in a passive way, it's just not possible. So how can we be an active Worshiper and not a passive viewer?

“Get ready for church.” Use the time you would have spent traveling to church to pray for Central, pray for the people you use to sit by, pray for your neighbors, pray for our country and the world. Spend some time reading the scripture for the day or in a family devotional.

“Enter the Church.” Open the live stream and make your presence known, greet and encourage each other as you see them log in. Ask how people are, pray for one another.

“Stand up and sing.” Standing and singing is active, yes, it is challenging especially when you are by yourself but as we see above “Let us shout joyfully” is mentioned twice, making it something we really need to pay attention to. This is the active part, stand up and move, participate.

“Pray” Above again we read “Let us come before His presence” Bow your head a pray, this is not a commercial break and a time to refill your coffee, it's a time to come before God and pray.

“Give” the last part of the verse says, “with Thanksgiving” Please remember your tithe as you are able.

“Listen” A while back I watched the Mr. Rogers movie and what I walked away with was a deep respect for the way this man listened to people. He made eye contact and kept it so as to not let anything else gain his attention. This is not easy to do in a virtual service, but there are tricks like doodling to help keep you focused on the message of the morning. Being home makes for all sorts of potential distractions and sometimes they cannot be avoided, if this happens come back and re-watch the sermon at a time that is more peaceful.

I have heard a few people say that they do not like to sing alone, so why not have a virtual watch party? Pick up your phone and call a few friends and sing together on speaker along with the Worship leaders online. Reach out to those you always sat by and check in with them but also to

Worship with them again by phone. Reach out to one another during the week with a phone call or drop a note of encouragement.

Lord help us as Central Baptist Church to be active worshipers and not a passive viewers. Amen

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