Financial Update

David Hansen, Treasurer of Central, has provided a financial report on the final numbers for the Fiscal Year that ended June 30, 2020, and an update on the first two months of Fiscal Year 20-21. Links to the financial reports for both Fiscal Year 20-21 and Year to Date 20-21. Fiscal Year 19-20 Final: Link Fiscal Year 20-21 YTD: Link Highlights from Financial Statements for fiscal year ended June 30, 2020: Central Baptist Church (CBC) ended the year with cash in the bank of $198,714. This comes primarily from two sources. At the start of the pandemic lock down the CBC Foundation issued a grant of $95,975. We were also granted a forgivable loan under the CARES Act Payroll Protection Program (PPP) of $76,500. These are contingency funds that we have not yet had to use. I expect that much if not all of the PPP money may be forgiven. The CBC Foundation will determine the amount of forgiveness, if any, based on need. General giving for the year was about the same as the previous year but well below budget. The good news is that due to the lock down, expenses were also well below budget. The end result for Fiscal Year 19-20 is that income exceeded expenses by over $11,000. Highlights from Financial Statements for 2 months ended August 31, 2020: In August CBC received a memorial gift from a member’s estate. $40,589 was designated for the building fund and an additional $40,589 was designated for outreach. These amounts are reflected as Liabilities under the appropriate Agency Fund. Due to the pandemic lock down the Board of Stewards voted to keep the budget the same as the previous year except for adjustments to staff personnel. Changes in staffing reduces the annual budget by $104,000. General giving for the first two months lags slightly behind the previous year but again well below budget. Expenses are again well below budget but still exceed income by $8,448 for the two months. Summary: Cash flow for the General Budget is tight as always but we have contingency funds to help us through this period. However, when we are able to resume full programming giving will need to increase to meet the additional expenses.