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Can You Believe It? (Tuesday Devotion)

Can you believe it!?

Under the New Covenant, as described in the New Testament, you (and I) can have an audience with the King of kings and Ruler of the universe. We can approach the Sovereign with no hesitancy nor reluctance.

As the writer of Hebrews was explaining how and why the New Covenant was needed, he referred to the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place of the Old Covenant. In the Old Testament, we learn that only priests could enter the Holy Place. And, only the high priest could enter into the presence of the King. In chapter 9, verse 8, the author summarizes, "...entrance to the Most Holy Place was not freely open..."

Can you believe it!?

Those God-followers, living under the Old Covenant, were prevented from having a personal conversation with Yahweh--our Father-God. But, Jesus-followers can have an audience with God anytime (not just once a year) and anywhere (not just in the Most Holy Place of a Tabernacle or Temple).

Can you believe it!?

Yes, we can! Yeah, maybe believing ain't so hard. Our brains can agree with the notion that you and I can talk with God anytime, anywhere. But, have we lost the breathtaking nature of the reality that we lowly created humans have the amazing privilege to walk into God's throne room whenever we want? Are we awestruck when we consider Who we're talking to? Who's listening to us as if we're the only person in the room? Does it make our brains explode? Or, at least, make our hearts quiver?

Because of Jesus' payment on the cross...in prayer, I get to talk to...God!

And so do you.

Can you believe it!?

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