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Worship Without Walls (Tuesday Devotion)

Living the past 6 months on (soft) lock-down due to a serious pandemic has led many of us to ask, “when will this ever be over,” and “will thing’s ever be the same?” According to church gatherings most of us are looking forward to being together again for the sake of community, or because we miss our sanctuary, and because we desire to praise & worship together as one body again.

Looking through the Bible to find an explanation for the days we are currently living in may be difficult, however, it is precisely in the Bible where we discover how we as Christians should respond. In the Book of Acts (16: 25-30), we find Paul & Silas incarcerated in Macedonia on account of the word of the Lord they had shared with a slave girl who would no longer be of profit to her masters after being filled with the Holy Spirit from Paul’s witnessing. While in jail, Paul and Silas both could have called it quits being discouraged, dejected, and without hope; not the case at all for these two. Instead, both Paul & Silas decided to pray together and lift their voices, singing praises & hymns to God.

Some are astonished by what happened next however it is the end result that should shock us even more. As a result of their praise and worship, the Bible says that their chains were broken, and the doors opened which enabled the prisoners to escape if they so chose to. Nonetheless, Paul and his companion stayed isolated within the prison until the guard realized what had happen and was intending to fall on his own sword rather then face the law for sleeping on his job. As a result of Paul’s confession and compassion, the last sentence of verse 30 says, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved.”

Those were the words of the jailer who’s job it was to watch Paul, Silas and the other prisoners. The guard chose to be saved as the direct result of their praise and worship while being incarcerated and separated from the many people of faith they were traveling to spend time with. Paul nor Silas didn’t let isolation stop them from the reaping the fruit of their personal and corporal devotional life. They didn’t have the “upper-rooms” they were used to, nor the large gatherings with food and fellowship; they discovered that they could praise and worship God, no matter what the circumstances and no matter where the location might be.

Paul and Silas aren’t the only examples in the Bible that found great joy in isolated servitude to their Lord. The Book of Daniel provides several examples on how committed Daniel was to his personal devotional life in-spite of living a life of incarceration during their exile in Babylon, as a result, Daniel saw visions, had dreams, and God gave him interpretations to dreams of others, all on account of his undivided servitude to God during a time that must have seemed far worse than a pandemic.

I personally know of a Central Church family who loves to sing praise together every Sunday morning (mother & daughter), and the two of them also love to pray with one another. Church walls aren’t needed for their unbending commitment and dedication to serving their God because it’s simply who they are and no walls on this planet can regulate their passion for the Messiah. As we are slowly preparing to return to “in-person” church services in the near future, I wanted to encourage us all to keep-up the good fight of faith by not being discouraged, but rather by praying and worshiping God in the comfort of our own homes like never before. “Where” you lift-up your voice to Lord, God’s Holy Spirit is right there with you.

--- Pastor Troy D Wilson

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