Update on 1913 Building Proposal Vote

The Board of Stewards has finished tallying the votes on the 1913 Building Proposal. For the past two weeks, members of Central Baptist Church have been voting on the following motion: Move that Central Baptist Church spend up to $1.5M for the redevelopment of the 1913 building into leasable commercial space, and to borrow a sum of not more than $1.5M to finance this project. The ballots were collected via mail, email, and in person ballots, with voting concluding at 1pm on Sunday. The final results of the vote are as follows: 70 members voted Yes on the proposal 17 members voted No on the proposal 6 votes were ineligible (duplicate ballot, no name on ballot to confirm, non-member vote) A total of 80.5% of eligible votes were in favor of the proposal. The church bylaws require that a minimum of 40 members vote on a proposal for it to become official. Central has a total of 230 members listed. Around 38% of our members voted on this proposal. The motion has passed. The Property Development Committee has begun meetings and will start work on the next steps of the process over the next several weeks. As decisions are made and the process moves forward, the Board of Stewards will be providing updates to the Congregation when appropriate. Thank you to everyone who engaged the process, reviewed the proposal, submitted questions to the Property Development Committee, took part in the Business Meeting and the Zoom Meeting, and voted on the proposal. This was a significant engagement from the Congregation and we are pleased that all voices were heard. Please continue to pray for the project going forward, and for the work of the Property Development Committee and Board of Stewards. For more information on the proposal, please reference this blog post from two weeks ago that included the totality of information on the proposal and the process of voting: Link Thank you, Board of Stewards of Central Baptist Church Alice Magnuson, David Hansen, DeeAnne Bonebright, Rob Boyd, Lorilyn Hoglund, Jackie Tollers, Tim Horn, Adam Rynkiewicz