Tuesday Devotion (A reflection on Eunice Kronholm)

For my devotion today I wanted to write a reflection on Eunice Kronholm, a wonderful saint who went home to her eternal reward on Sunday.

Eunice was a special woman, who added so much to the life of Central, and who lived out her faith in amazing ways. I only got to know her for the last 8-9 years of her life, but I could see how much Jesus meant to her and how that flowed from her to her family, to her friends, and to her church.

Death is certainly sad, as we who are left on earth will miss those who have departed. I think of her family and her closest friends, most especially Joyce Johannessen, who was her best friend for over 50 years. Every Sunday they faithfully attended Central and were a core part of what we were as a church. I also knew one of her grandsons, Gunnar Stapp, and we were able to share a couple of memories about her over the past couple of days. She truly touched everyone in her family.

But a death of someone like Eunice is also a celebration. She had lived a good long life and she was ready to go home. Over the past several years Eunice had suffered from periodic transient ischemic attacks (TIA – or “mini-strokes”). She had suffered a TIA during a Sunday worship service over a year ago and it had caused her to pass out in her chair in the Sanctuary. An ambulance was called and she was taken to the local hospital. When she woke up, she was upset that she was still alive. She was ready to go home! But even with that disappointment, she took it as an opportunity – she realized that there were still people that she needed to pray for. And pray she did.

Eunice was a prayer warrior. She would pray for her family, she would pray for her friends, she would pray for the church, and I am blessed to know that she would pray for the staff. She never ceased praying. And she never ceased believing that her prayers made a difference. And they did make a difference. To her family, to her friends and to our church. The church is built upon those who will pray. It is built upon saints like Eunice.

Eunice also shared her faith, even in the most trying of circumstances. Years after I met her, I finally heard about the story of her kidnapping in 1974. It is an incredible story! I invite everyone to read about it (her words are here: Link)

What a wonderful testimony on many levels, and I can only imagine the impact it had on those that she brought to faith that day.

There are many, many more stories to be shared about Eunice, but I wanted to share these. A life well lived and an inspiration to all of us in our own faith walk. A reminder that no matter who we are, we should look forward to our heavenly home, we should focus on our family and friends, we should pray without ceasing, and we should be ready at any point to share our faith.

Blessings to you Eunice!