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A message from the Lawrence Family

Dear Central family,

Please forgive the delay in getting this thank you out to you! We have so many things to thank you all for!! First of all, thank you for loving us well. I have lots of friends who are pastors and/or pastor’s wives. I hear horror stories of pressure, expectation, and sometimes rampant criticism towards pastors and their families. I remember once sitting and listening to these stories and just shrinking back in my chair and keeping my mouth shut. I didn’t want to make others feel bad by telling them how kind and encouraging our church family was to us! But that is the reality: since day one at Central, we felt like we were at home. You welcomed Joel, me and each of our kids so warmly and enthusiastically. You encouraged Joel’s theological approach to pastoring and supported my zany antics with our homeschool play each year. You attended our daughters’ dance recitals and giggled at Micah’s big snow boots stomping out for Children’s church each week, saluting the congregation as he went. Thank you for loving us for who we are. That is the mark of Central Baptist Church: loving others for who they are, meeting people right where they are, and taking the time to journey with them to the next place God has for them. While the Lord has called us to move on to another stage of our journey, please know what a special place all of you will hold in our hearts forever. Thank you for loving us, putting up with us (!) and encouraging us in our walks with the Lord.

Second, we are so grateful for the gifts you gave us on our departure: the beautiful framed art of the Doxology, the generous monetary gift and, of course, the Lego Advent calendar which delighted Micah throughout the month of December.

Third, thank you for being Central. Central to the heart of the Twin Cities, a place of shelter and belonging and blessing for all who need it. We thank you for your prayers for us, and we will join you in prayer for what the Lord has next on your journey with Him.

With love,

Joel, Myndi, Bethany, Anna, Katherine, and Micah

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