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Central's Response to the Homeless Community

A big thank you to Central Baptist’s faithful from the Homeless tent communities located in the Midway of St. Paul. Because of the COVID epidemic many of you may not be aware of the sudden increase of homelessness that’s sprung up in the Twin Cities over the last 4 months, particularly in the Midway. Two tent communities have developed in Hamline Park, and off the 94 freeway on Snelling and Carroll. Over the last two weeks some of Central’s leaders such as Pastor John, Doug Carlson, Myself (Troy), and Pastor Terri Hansen, have visited the homeless communities with the intent of exploring ways we could accommodate any special needs.

I’m blessed and grateful for the people of Central who have generously donated to the church Fellowship Fund, which has enabled us to be a blessing to these homeless communities in the Midway. We were able to secure special needs such as cub food gift cards (to purchase hot meals), fire wood, bottled water, sanitary napkins, and batteries for flash lights, among other things that helps the homeless survive their unfortunate situation of not only homelessness but also mental health, unemployment, poverty, and addictions of every kind. Our leadership team at Central is well aware that we don’t have the answers for the current homeless epidemic that’s sprouting in the Twin Cities. However, being a faithful presence in the Midway as a faith community means that we are certainly here to help in any way we can to assist the needs of those who are far less fortunate then ourselves who may lack the basic necessities or resources to live a happy and comfortable life.

I would personally like to thank all of the congregants at Central who, out of your kind benevolence, have contributed to the Fellowship Fund. Jesus mentions in the Gospels, “What you do unto one of these, you do unto me.” In the homeless tent communities, Central was concerned about their thirst, their hunger, their warmth & shelter, and I’m proud to be a part of a faith community willing to assist with all of these needs.

How can you help? After spending the last 5 days engaging these communities, I’m certain that the only real help will be prayer. Please pray for our homeless communities, and please continue to give to our Fellowship Fund whenever you are able. Again, we may not be able to solve the problem, but we can, as the Body of Christ, show that we care and are equipped with the Gospel of Love and Truth to help in any way shape or form that our Lord calls us to. On behalf of our staff and board at Central we kindly say thank you so much for what you give and for enable the necessary work that needs to be done in our beloved urban community.

--- Pastor Troy D Wilson

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