Friday Devotion (Mask)


In a time where we are all required to wear masks in public for the safety of ourselves and others, I reflect on how I have been wearing an invisible mask for years. Somehow in this country when we see each other we always ask, “How are you?” and of course we always respond “Good! How are you?” Thus, the invisible mask is firmly in place as we really do not want to know how someone is and secondly, we really do not want to answer the question either.

This whole thing was confirmed recently as I listened to the song “Truth Be Told” by Matthew West. Those words rang so true to me and I wanted to take a look at them.

“Lie number one: You’re supposed to have it all together and when they ask how are you’re doing, just smile and tell them “Never better” - Why are we afraid to show our weakness, even to our Church Family where we know or at least express that we all fall short?

“Lie number two everybody's life is perfect except yours, so keep your messes and your wounds and your secrets safe with you behind closed doors” - “Closed doors” is that invisible mask, Mom or Dad probably told us to “Be strong”, coaches told us to “Brush it off”. We have been trained for years to wear a mask and it seems to become more and more difficult to take it off.

"Truth be told the truth is rarely told, now” - The longer we hold onto our pain the more the pain grows yet we live in fear of being vulnerable.

“I say I'm fine, yeah I'm fine oh I'm fine, hey I'm fine but I'm not I'm broken and when it's out of control

I say it's under control but it's not and you know it

I don't know why it's so hard to admit it

When being honest is the only way to fix it

There's no failure, no fall

There's no sin you don't already know

So let the truth be told “ - God is our refuge and strength and He knows the pain and we do get relief through prayer, but the yolk is heavy, and I believe He also wants us to share our pains with each other.

“There's a sign on the door, says, "Come as you are" but I doubt it

'Cause if we lived like it was true, every Sunday morning pew would be crowded

But didn't you say the church should look more like a hospital

A safe place for the sick, the sinner and the scarred and the prodigals Like me”

- Is Central a safe place? I say yes, but we still do not share our burden because we fear what others might think, when the truth is they are also living in pain. I will confess that when we use to have a call forward for those needing prayer at the end of our service I never went forward, no matter how bad the week had been. Why, because it’s hard to admit it as stated in the words above, even when I know that the touch of the person praying for me would feel so good.

The song goes on and I would encourage you to look it up and listen to it a couple times because I believe that song could be sung by each one us. It’s time for us to remove our masks (the invisible ones, unfortunately the other mask is going to be with us a while) and share our burdens and pains with each other. This pandemic has made life even more difficult and we need to share with each other now more than ever before. Please reach out by phone or email to any member of the staff and we will pray with you and then, if you wish, in our weekly staff meeting. Also reach out to each other with cards and calls and encourage each other.

Father, how Glorious and magnificent you are, thank You for our daily provisions and protection. Help us Lord to remove our masks and let people know we are hurting; we are all hurting. We long to see each other's smiling faces and embrace each other. Father help us to share our hurts and pains with each other and share the burden, we all are weak and weary and need your loving arms to embrace us all in our loneliness.

Thank you Father, in Jesus Name, Amen.