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Tuesday Devotion

Years ago, a friend of mine invited me to a one-on-one morning Bible study. Him being new in Christ, I assumed he wanted me to be a part because of what I might have to offer HIM, but he surprised me. Knowing that I had a HARD TRUTH I needed to share with my parents, he challenged me to a 30 day time of morning prayer, scripture reading & brutally honest face-to-face confrontation and accountability. His love was affirming but it was tough, and as a result I was able to share with my parents a part of my life that had been hidden from them for years.

During this time, my friend shared with me a little devotional book that I had never heard of before, “God Calling.” The book had apparently been around since 1935 and been authored by two anonymous women seeking no praise but claiming to have been given their message by the Living Christ Himself. It is edited by AJ Russell.

A favorite devotional of mine within the book speaks to the time of year my friend & I were meeting, October 13th, THE SCULPTOR’S SKILL. I would like to leave you with this devotion today, especially for those who are struggling with their past and needing the strength to move forward into tomorrow.

May God truly bless you with His peace & presence this week.

Lord, we believe, help Thou our unbelief.

Lord, hear our prayers and let our cries come unto Thee.

Along the road of praise, as I told you. Yes! I will indeed help your unbelief, and in answer to your prayers grant you so great a faith, such an increasingly great faith, that each day you will look back, from the place of your larger vision, and see the faith of the day before as almost unbelief.

The Beauty of My Kingdom is its growth. In that Kingdom there is always progress, a going on from strength to strength, from glory to glory. Be in My Kingdom, and of My Kingdom, and there can be no stagnation. Eternal Life, abundant Life is promised to all in it, and of it.

No misspent time over failures and shortcomings. Count the lessons learnt from them but as rungs in the ladder. Step up, and then cast away all thought of the manner of the making of the rung. Fashioned of joy and sorrow, of failure or success, of wounds or healing balm, what matter, My children, so long as it served its purpose?

Learn another lesson. The Sculptor who finds a faulty marble casts it aside. Because it has no fashioning, it may regard itself as perfect; and it may look with scorn upon the marble the Sculptor is cutting and shaping into perfection. From this, My children, learn a lesson for your lives.

Then touched he their eyes, saying, “According to your faith be it unto you.”

(Matthew 9:29)

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