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Tuesday Devotion (Simple, Yet Profound)

The beloved disciple, John, wrote what’s recorded our Bibles in 1 John 5:1—“Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has become a child of God.”

That statement is so simple and so profound.

But, it’s just like me to complicate it. Having earned ministry degrees at Northwestern in St. Paul and at Western Seminary in Portland, I am apt to muck it up with some heady intellectual machinations. But, Jesus (and John) make the cross-over from death to life, from dark to light, from sinner to forgiven child of God so simple and so profound.

I know, I know…we Baptists are known for doctrinal specificity. Sometimes, because of it, others have the impression that we think we’re the only ones who are truly saved. But the apostle John said, “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has become a child of God.”

The simplicity of my becoming a child of God is something to truly be thankful for.

To be saved…

…I don’t have to be able to explain the immaculate conception of a baby born to a teenage virgin in the little, old village of Bethlehem.

…I don’t have to understand and explain the Triune God—three Persons, one God.

…I don’t have to comprehend the kenosis passage of Philippians 2—the incarnation—how Jesus could be fully God and fully man simultaneously.

To be saved…

…I (and you and everyone else) have to believe that Jesus is the Christ. (Some versions use “Messiah” instead of “Christ.”)

Yes, the Messiah’s virgin birth matters. Yes, His God-ness is necessary. And, yes, the earth-walking Jesus being man (so He could die a human death) and being God (so the sacrificial Lamb could be perfect and spotless) are supremely important.

I can get lost in my own theological explanations of those significant truths. But, it gives glory to God to get lost in the wonder of this simple and profound truth, “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has become a child of God.”

Amazing! Yup, God is.

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