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Update from the Board of Stewards 1-20-21

Dear Central Family,

On behalf of the Board of Stewards, I bring you greetings in this new year; a year that has already seen more than its fair share of historic events. I want to acknowledge that many of us are feeling an overwhelming sense of fatigue and exhaustion. We are 10 months into a global pandemic which has taken millions of lives, including more than 400,000 of our fellow Americans. We miss gathering together as the body of Christ; worshipping together, drinking coffee, eating donuts, hugging people (or for some of you dodging the huggers amongst us). We miss being with our family and friends. We miss engaging with the world around us. We are people created by God to be in community with one another, and this perilous season has disrupted all the ways we have lived that community out.

I thank God for the gift of technology, which has enabled us to remain connected, and keeping each other safe. As Christ-followers, it is quite literally what we are commanded to do: to love God, and to love one another. As our Lord demonstrated to us in giving His one and only son Jesus; sacrificial love comes at a cost. Let us not grow weary of doing well!

The Board is hard at work on behalf of the church, and we have much work and many difficult decisions ahead of us. Here are some specific updates and prayer requests:

  1. The Property Development Committee (PDC) will return to the drawing board to determine a path forward for addressing the 1913 building. Please pray for encouragement for these dear friends who have been working at this for three years now. Just this morning in the Start Tribune there is an article about the significant office vacancies, including here in the Twin Cities; it makes me wonder whether we have experienced God’s providence in our plans. I believe and trust God is up to something, and that He will reveal His plans in His good time. Pray for a fresh vision, wisdom, and discernment from the Lord. Pray that God would encourage our brothers and sisters in this work on behalf of our church!

  2. The Board, in conjunction with the Nominating Committee, are actively working on forming the Pastoral Search Committee. It is our fervent hope that we will have a ballot to be announced in February, and a vote in March. Please pray for those whom the Lord is calling to serve, that He will prepare and equip them for this task as we look to the future and call of a new Lead Pastor to Central Baptist Church.

  3. As I mentioned in my December letter, the Board is continuing to evaluate the needs of our church, and our staffing levels. This is difficult, daunting work. Please pray for us as we make these challenging decisions about the life of our church, and the many people and ministries that will be impacted by our decisions. Pray for our staff, as they continue to serve in this season of constant change.

Our church is a historic one, with deep roots in the Midway, and a deep and abiding love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are thankful and grateful for the history and people who have

worshipped and served here for decades. We are trusting the Lord for the future of our church, and we stand with open hands and surrendered hearts. We want to be Kingdom people, and we trust that He is at work among us, to change us, to grow us, and to deepen our roots for a new season of ministry at 420 Roy Street. May His will be done, in and through us!

Yours in Christ, Catherine Westby

                 420 Roy Street North, Saint Paul MN 55014

Phone: (651) 646-2751

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